This prime piece of cyberspace real estate is mine to use and abuse, but til I get around to moving in, Earthlink's silly critter is here to greet you (obviously I'm not going to do it). And don't worry, once I unpack, this idiotic welcome page may go away. Then again, it might not. Ever wonder what that blue dude is holding behind his back?? I want to find out, don't you? (Hint: he is not part of the Blue Man Group.)

Every HTML editor should be as simple to use as AOLpress (v2.0 32bit, freeware) -- even AOL can do one thing right.

Magic works! or how I got Win98 to play nice with my Cruzer flash drive.

Possessed by a burning need to see hellspawn die horribly? Afraid of radiation poisoning from fission-based ports? Try Fusion, the best (it says so, right here) of the DOOM source mods. Watch me bleed in a few silly demos (Fusion required for playback). For do-it-yourselfers, check out Untouched by Human Hands (a continuing series featuring the Best of SLIGE).


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