What happens when you turn Rez loose with SLIGE?
You get DOOM maps that are UNTOUCHED BY HUMAN HANDS!

UBHH 2.0 textfile zip (DOOM2, 321k) -- 5 pretty decent maps, tough start.
UBHH 3.0 textfile zip (DOOM2, 573k) -- one map, but lordy, look at the size of that thing...!!
UBHH 4.0 textfile zip (DOOM2, 73k) -- one nice wide-open map... try it with Strain's BFG troopers. I dare ya. ;)
UBHH 5.0 textfile zip (DOOM2, 552k) -- 14 devious and fast-paced maps, exactly as designed by SLIGE.
UBHH 6.0 textfile zip (DOOM2, 50k) -- unnaturally-convoluted pillar maze, tight on supplies.

UBHH 7.0 textfile zip (DOOM2, 145k) -- unnaturally-convoluted teleport maze, dark and dangerous.
UBHH 8.0 textfile zip (DOOM2, 167k) -- very large, high-action map with a wide variety of fights.

[brief pause for an upgrade to ObHack]

UBHH3412 textfile zip (DOOM2, 3mb) -- 11 painful excursions amid crossfire from hell

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